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As the title suggests,  we offer a property painting service.  We dont mean painting in the sense of painting the bricks and mortar - this is a Fine Art service.  We have teamed up with a highly acclaimed artist, who can produce very fine, watercolour images of your property.

Using special paper, designed for watercolour art and fine paints, we can give you the opportunity to own a unique painting of your home.

Here is an example

As You can see from the images above, the photograph has been recreated as a watercolour painting. Some changes have been made to the original and the painting tries to improve on the original.

 If you would like a painting of other buildings, no problem; here are a couple of paintings of streets in Alhama de Granada, not just capturing the present day building, an interpretation of how they might have looked in historical times.

These are unique - they will not be reproduced again in any form.

How much do they cost?  These paintings,  unframed will set you back 100€. 

If you are considering having a painting commissioned, please contact me for details

If you have a hotel, accommodation business or would like multiple paintings, price can be negotiated.