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  Below you will find a series of aerial videos, all examples of our aerial photography work.  

These are specially commissioned videos and may not be used by any individual unless permission has been granted.

The videos are shot in 720 and 1080 HD from one of our drones.

About Aerial Video

Send me details of the property to be filmed. Ideally, map co ordinates.. I can then survey the area.

Make sure that the area being filmed is tidy - Bring in the washing, remove anything unsightly, hide anything you do not want to include...

Filming will take half a day, drone batteries will need recharging, review footage on site, etc

Video editing will be done at the office - normally within 24 hours

Finished will be posted on You Tube (for your eyes only)

Images/photographs will be placed in Dropbox, where you can download them to your device.

Villa El Ahuacatl
Casa La Colina
Villa La Herradura
Casa Memorias
The Lemon Tree Retreat
Villa Esperanza
Hammock and Stars
Cortijo Olla Honda
Villa Linda
Casa Amelia
Villa Irlanda
Casa JJ
Cortijo Raimundo
Villa Cordero
Casa Jessica
Casa Louisa
Villa Xanadu
Casa Paz Y Mas
Casa Crees
Casa Serena
Villa Amura
Casa de mi Amiga
Casa Colina
Casa Tejeda
Casa Los olivos