Phantom 4 Drone

Aerial Photography used to be out of reach of most people and professions due to the costs involved, such as hiring a helicopter, pilot, cameraman, video editing and production and a whole team of people to get your finished aerial photograph or video.  Things have moved on....

We now have the technology and expertise to manage the whole filming process from start to finish for a fraction of the price it used to cost to get that promotional aerial video or photograph made. We use state of the art drones, market leaders in their field, to capture that breathtaking photograph or visually stunning video...

We can also make promotional videos for your business, holiday rental or whatever you need to help you advertise your business. Our video and photography service will not break the bank and is a good investment for those eager to make their business or property leap out to viewers.

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If you have a rental property or a property for sale - an aerial photo or video can really enhance your listings.
We can provide aerial photographs (on DVD or USB Memory Stick) or a video on DVD/USB Memory Stick or hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, fully edited with titles, background music in stunning HD.

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