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HDR Photography - Super High Quality

We are not limited to producing great aerial photographs or videos, we can also produce stunning property photography of the interior and exterior of your home or property. Having a good camera helps take a good photo, however, to produce great, colourful images we also use HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques to get a more vibrant photo.

HDR photography means that we can capture dark areas, like the corner of the room, light areas (near windows) and the middle,light areas which take up most of the shot. We then take the 3 images, combine the best parts of each photograph to create  a good photograph.


For Example

We take 3 photographs of different brightnesses:



We can combine these images together using photography software and then change different settings to create a photo we are happy with


This technique we use almost always to enhance all of our photographs.  We use a similar technique in the videos to add colour and brighten up the video footage.

We use Photoshop for photographs and Premiere Pro for video editing...



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